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covid 19

                                          EMERGENCY BASIS 
Hi due to the recent virus outbreak I am operating for the time being on an emergency basis .
   As usual  I will try and offer customers advice over the phone for  self repairs or advice so you are  able to continue to operate your appliance,  even if only with limited options on a temporary basis  where possible.

                                              NEW / RECONDITIONED  APPLIANCES.
 As long as stocks are available.
   If a customer needs a replacement appliance I would ask if there is an option for someone to self install as a first choice and of course will offer advice accordingly to try and keep at home visits to a minimum. I understand not everyone can do this and will still be able to install myself where absolutely necessary.
                                                CALL OUTS 
  If a customer needs a call out I will try and keep my visit to a minimum and will adhere to  the advised social distancing rules so please do not be offended  if  I am not my usual chatty  self.  No more cups of tea for me then. I can offer advice over the phone before call out.
   This may be simple requests like emptying cupboards before visit to gain access to pipes and connections  so as i can avoid handling and touching products and surfaces unnecessarily  and ensuring pets and children are kept at bay and don`t run off with my tools (oh yes happens a lot that.) 
It May be easier or shorter to gain access via back door so just let me know on arrival . If you have a dryer that needs attention and you are able to move it to your garage before visit that would also help.
               If you have any questions or requests regarding a home visit just ask.

HOME NUMBER      01942 677376
MOBILE                 07793237077
                   THANK YOU IN ADVANCE   DAVE ROGERS.