Washing Machines

Due to construction techniques on modern washing machines some repairs  are not always cost effective as compared to older appliances. For instance we could easily replace drum bearings and programmer timers confidently , where as today some circuit control boards need to be manufacture programmed or tubs are moulded around the inner drums needing complete barrel replacements and costing more than half the cost of a new appliance.

We can assess your fault and  offer a quote for repair or  advise on replacement .
Below are a few tips regarding washing machines.
First off i will mention FAULT CODES.  Most machines display a fault code or sequence of flashing lights  which produce a fault code . I will be adding a separate page with most modern makes and fault codes. 

The most common faults reported are no empty / no spin / noisy / sticking  here are a few tips below.
No Spin - One Item
 - Most modern machines will not always spin one item or uneven garment/s due to sensors that detect an out of balanced load. This is not a fault with machine. And can be rectified by adding more garments or redistributing load and trying a respin. You can confirm this by removing garment/s and trying a spin only program with nothing in.

No Spin - Cancel Button.
Some machines Have a spin speed selector or spin cancel button which may have been altered by mistake.

Wont Start - Time delay.
Again if your machine has a delay start button or dial make sure it is not activated by mistake.

Wont Start - Child Lock.
And as one lady answered ." it wont be the child lock , I don`t have kids." Hmm 

(As the saying goes I wish I had a pound for every visit i have made in the past to one of the above faults, where i havent had the heart to charge the customer).

No Fill - Water Tap Closed / inlet filter blocked
If your machine is not filling you can check if your plumbing tap is on properly. Some of these taps have a small red or blue lever which can break. So even when turned back to the on position they dont operate the brass lug on the plumbing fitting . Also the water inlet valve has a gauze filter mesh which can sometime get blocked by impurities in water supply. Theese faults are usually noted by water valve buzzing sound but no fill.

No empty - Blocked filter.
Most machines today have a filter that can get blocked with coins ,hair, clips, wires ,lint etc preventing the machine from draining or spinning . These can easily be cleaned . WARNING- Even when your machine is empty there can be up to a half pint of water left in the filter. Use suitable floor protection to absorb spillages. DO NOT OPEN FILTER if there is water in machine you will have a FLOOD. If you can see water in the drum there can be up to 3 or more bowl fulls of water.  some machines have a syphon tube allowing you to remove water completely so you can then safely remove filter for cleaning. This is probably my most call out fault of all which i would just incur a labour only charge.
If the drain pump has been damaged by blockage these can be replaced on all machines .

Not dispensing Fabric Conditioner
Although the fabric conditioner water inlet valve could need replacing . most of the time you can remove the entire soap tray drawer and rinse the fab compartment and clean syphon hole or the jets that sprinkle water into soap tray can become blocked , an old toothbrush can sort that out.