Tumble Dryers

Most reported faults on Dryers usually consist of no heat or no drum action or noisy . Most of the time on certain models these can be a cost effective repair by replacing thermostats ,belts , tensioners, or elements.     below are a few tips you can check.

Vented dryers 

Always Check the fluff filter is cleaned before each use.
Check that the  extraction hose  is not kinked or blocked ( you can confirm this by checking for airflow at the outside vent).
Some dryers have a thermostat reset button at the rear of appliance.
If your dryer has auto sense or auto dry features and is not heating sometimes there are timed programs that may work as an alternative.
if your dryer is warm but not hot check you have not pressed low heat setting by mistake.
Condenser dryers

 Most of above also apply .
Another thing to check is that the condenser unit is not blocked this would not stop the dryer from working but would cause the dryer to take much more time to dry garments. The condenser unit can easily be removed and cleaned by rinsing with outside hosepipe or shower head.

Some auto sense dryer may not
As always we would quote for cost of repair before completing any work.