Electric Cooker / Oven Repairs

Most Faults reported are usually no heat on main oven or grill or no fan operation or in some cases over heating  or tripping electrics. Most of the time these faults can be repaired at a reasonable cost by fitting new elements or thermostats or fan motors and selector switches.

 If you have a fault where  the grill (and top oven, if dual cavity) operates , but not the main oven and fan , especially after a power failure , then you can check that you have set your timer correctly as this will prevent main oven and fan from working.

If the fan is running but no heat then usually the element , selector or wiring is at fault .

If the appliance is tripping fuses then  usually an element needs replacing.

If there is heat but no fan sometimes the fan blade could be sticking and a carefull nudge on the fan blade can get it operating again in which case run the oven at full heat to loosen the fan .

You can always contact me for advice with your reported fault and i should be able to offer quote over phone for likely repair costs.