About Me

(in short)

My name is DAVE ROGERS I am 56  years old and   trade  under the name ISHERWOODS  Dave Rogers Washer Repairs. 

I am Married to Julie and have two wonderful grown up children jodie and cory and now a new addition to the family our granddaughter Cora mai 

I have over 30 years  Experience offering domestic appliance repairs , sales , and  services in Leigh and surrounding Areas.


(in long)

I do get asked about my business name ISHERWOODS washer repairs  and the relation to ALF ISHERWOOD washer repairs  so (in long here goes).

Much is owed  to my (now late)  father-in-law (R.i.P ) Mr Alf Isherwood who self taught himself .repairs to washing machines and vacuum cleaners in the late 60"s , most machines were then twin tubs and top loaders and later in the 70`s automatic front loaders ,in his first years he used to call out to jobs travelling on his pushbike with a few tools, after learning enough knowledge from repairing friends and relatives washing machines he then started a business trading under his own name Alf Isherwood washer repairs . He had a repair shop in leigh and later moved to golborne and then some time later continued to trade from home. Due to health problems basically forcing him to stop working  I took over the business in 1985 and to keep his name going  established and traded under the name ISHERWOODS  dave rogers washer repairs .   Some  years later after health improvements Alf was able to work again with  the help of his son darren  . We then decided to trade as a partners as a family business and as I had already established and continued under the name of ISHERWOODS dave rogers we advertised  both names Alf isherwood and ISHERWOODS Dave Rogers washer repairs  . Later when alf retired Darren then traded on his own using the name Alf isherwood LTD   and I continued to trade on my own under the name  ISHERWOODS Dave rogers washer repairs so now there  two separate businesses and both stemmed from Alf and his tinkering about . mending friends and familys  vacuum cleaners. 

My customers know and remember me  as

                        Friendly Guy  always wears a hat and has a Pony tail .  

Now what happens when i get it cut ?? 

                       I can always be contacted 

                                       Dave Rogers.   TEL   home  01942 677376

                                                                   mobile   07793237077


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